Keeping Up with New Habits

I finally jumped on the bullet journal bandwagon, after having a lot of hesitation on whether bullet journaling was “right” for me or not. An aspect of the bullet journal that I initially loved was the habit tracker. After all, there are just some habits that are honestly difficult for me to keep up with.

One habit that has always been hard for me is drinking 64 oz. of water a day. Seriously. I drank nowhere to enough water before my bullet journal, and now that I am openly tracking my intake of water, I am totally drinking 64 oz. or more water each day.  Since starting my journal, I’ve only missed this goal once, which is pretty incredible for someone who used to drink maybe 16 oz. (at the most) a day.

Keeping up with habits is hard, and I understand it. In this blog, I am going to write about how the bullet journal helped me keep on top of my habits, but I hope this can be helpful for those who don’t bullet journal, as well 🙂

  • Working on one habit at a time

    Don’t overwhelm yourself with a whole list of habits to immediately begin completing. Even though I like the habit tracker, the idea of cramming a bunch of new habits on one page can be a bit deterring when first starting with habit tracking. So, what I did was start tracking my daily intake of water. In fact, I incorporated this tracker in with my daily to-do’s, where I drew eight boxes and each time I drank 8 oz. of water, I would draw an ‘x’ through the box. This motion of checking off a task is important. If you do not use a bullet journal, definitely use something which  can allow you to easily check off your items as you begin to complete them.

  • Starting with a difficult habit, then moving to an easier one

    If there is a habit that you’re generally good keeping up with, begin tracking that habit after completing a difficult one. After drinking enough water in a day, I decided to start a habit tracker on brushing my teeth twice daily. It definitely helped me get into a better routine with my daily water intake. So, instead of just getting up and brushing my teeth as normal, I made myself drink a liter of water first. Then after completing that, I moved on to a habit I was already pretty solid on, brushing my teeth. It helped connect these two habits together, and in turn, make both easier to complete daily.

  • Realizing you’ll forget to complete something, someday

    As I said, I forgot to drink enough water one day. It’s a bit discouraging at first, especially when doing so well with it for weeks, but do realize, it’ll be okay. Just continue moving forward with your routine as you had been, and you’ll be on track again in no time.